The Daytime Programming and Jain Networking Forum Committees invite you to participate in YJA’s first ever Jains In Action (JIA)!

What is JIA?

Jains in Action (JIA) is taking YJA beyond just the convention.

JIA provides a platform for today’s Agents of Change to use Jain values, personal knowledge, and past experiences to solve some of today’s most pressing issues. Similar to a social hackathon, JIA participants will present their issue and solution to a panel of judges. This solution can take the form of a product, business, organization, or movement that inspires others to act.

Format & Guidelines

One month before convention, all JIA participants will need to decide on the problem they intend to tackle. The plan should relate to the convention theme - Agents of Change - and a few sample themes will be provided beforehand for guidance. Participants will answer two questions: "What are the details of the problem I am tackling?" and "How does solving this problem make the world a better place?"

After this, the team formation process will begin so that team members can get to know each other and begin discussing multiple solutions to consider.

During convention, the teams will be able to collaborate with their teammates during the JIA sessions to create, organize, and finalize their actionable solution. The top three teams will then present to a panel of judges in front of the entire convention audience.

Finally, the winning team will be given a grant (upwards of $1000) to carry out the proposed solution in the real world, potentially working with an investor to take their project to the next level!

Due to limited capacity, there may be a short application process. Nevertheless, everyone is encouraged to sign up! If you have any questions, please email daytime@yja.org.

Note: Only attendees in the College/JNF age groups will be eligible to partake in JIA. Due to time constraints, attendees will NOT be able to participate in both JIA and JAB.

JIA Judges

Our judges at #YJA16 - Ankit Jain, Ankit Shah, and Hiten Shah - have various experiences starting their own businesses and/or consulting with high growth startups. They will be on our panel during the JIA final pitches offering their advice and choose the winning team!

Sample Themes & Topics

Sample ideas and topics are now available - check them out to see the types of problems we are looking to solve this convention!

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JIA Administrative Team

Your 2016 JIA Administrative Team consists of Anish Doshi (IL), Chintav Shah (NJ), Kayuri Shah (DC), Neelam Savla (CA), and Shrenik Shah (CA).

Assisting them are your Co-Chairs Akash Shah (CA) and Puja Savla (CA).