About YJA 2016

Jainism is one of the oldest religions in the world, and Jains constitute a religious minority in India with 4.2 million adherents. There are small but notable immigrant communities in Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. Being a minority in its home nation of India makes Jainism a minority within a minority in the United States. A chance to participate in a forum targeted at the youth of the religion is very rare and provides a great opportunity to meet other youth of the religion while educating oneself on Jain principles. Education and knowledge has historically proven to be one of the cornerstones of Jainism (Jains have the highest degree of literacy - 94.1 percent - of any religious community in India), and the future of Jainism depends on its youth being well versed and knowledgeable.

Every two years, YJA brings together hundreds of Jains from across the country to learn together and build long-lasting friendships. With thought-provoking speakers, engaging social events and more, we're excited to celebrate YJA's 25th anniversary by bringing the convention experience of a lifetime to sunny Los Angeles, CA. There are a limited number of spaces to attend YJA 2016 - register now to join us as we become Agents of Change!

The attendees have the opportunity to connect, learn, and share their thoughts with one another on a variety of subjects. Sessions, speakers, and friends will all come together to complete the learning experience through a variety of fun, innovative, and interactive programming. Attendees will engage in a wide range of activities and sessions related to understanding atma (the soul), developing leadership, and creating a better community.

Daytime Programming

Welcome to Daytime Programming at the 2016 Young Jains of America (YJA) Convention! This convention will connect nearly 700 young Jains from around the world! Highlighting the Daytime sessions will be engaging, inspirational speakers who keep Jainism and its values alive in the hearts and minds of the youth. In addition, YJA will be bringing back the Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) and for the first time, introduce JIA: Jains in Action, an interactive program allowing participants to turn their ideas into reality. Get excited for some diverse and powerful sessions on Jain education, interfaith, lifestyle, college/careers, debates, games, and much more as we set out to become Agents of Change!

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Social Events

Join us in sunny LA at the 2016 YJA convention for a weekend of social events you won’t forget! As Agents of Change, your first mission is to Meet Every Last Agent (M.E.L.A) in our carnival-style training modules that will prepare you for the weekend ahead. Then join us for our talent competition, Decades of Bollywood through the Ages, where performers from across the US will showcase their artistic skill and the various eras of Bollywood. After that, you don’t want to miss Straight Outta Gujarat, where traditional Indian dance meets the classic Los Angeles vibe, followed by our West Coast Floats Mixer where you will get time to relax with ice cream and soda. Finally, join us at the Maharaja’s Court Formal for a night of majesty and grandeur. We hope to see you in sunny SoCal this Fourth of July weekend!

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Jain Networking Forum (JNF)

Jain Networking Forum (JNF) 2016 is designed for Jains between the ages of 21-29 with the goal of fostering professional and relationship development. JNF 2016 will provide attendees the opportunity to meet like minded individuals through interactive daytime sessions, while creating lasting connections with Jains spanning a variety of careers and backgrounds. Additionally, our unique social events will allow attendees to relax, mingle, and have an unforgettable experience this July at YJA 2016.

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